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Closed Cell vs Open Cell

Here to discuss the benefit of closed cell spray foam vs open cell and how it effects the customers when a contractor under bids with open cell to get the job and not caring about the customers end result. closed cell is a moisture barrier that has a higher r value than open cell  with less r value per inch and and is not considered a moisture barrier. Open cell voids warranty on steel buildings if sprayed on them and even when you use Tivex it will void warranty on them plus the added space to cause moisture build up to assist in rusting out metal panels.  Closed cell also has a higher weight rating that will add to the strength of the building structure design. In a 2×4 construction open cell will not get the r value you need to meet the new 2018 building codes, closed cell will meet those codes. There are many more reasons to choose  open vs close. I have attached short video to help explain